5 Hair Care Tips & Routine that Every Guy Needs to Know


5 Hair Care Tips & Routine that Every Guy Needs to Know

5 Hair Care Tips & Routine

Hello, here we talk about the most trending topic that is Haircare Tips & Routine. Hair care is one of the biggest problems of every guy. So these are some tips on hair care. So, for such many information go through the article.

Hair care routine is one of the most important things that you can do to yourself from a men’s grooming perspective. Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world at some point in your life your hair is gonna start trimming all day and that’s why while you’re young you’ve gotta learn how to take care of your hair as well as your scalp. Yes as humans we might have very very genetics but keep in mind that today’s hair care routine is all about hair from a health perspective. How to take care of your hair, how to wash it the correct way, how to oil it the correct way even the post-wash treatment we’re gonna cover it all.

Following Tips: For Hair Care

Tip – 1   Oiling

You’ve to oiling your hair at least two or three times every week because oiling your hair nourishes it. So quick pro tip, heat up your oil before applying it to your scalp that hot oil opens up the pores of the skin on your scalp and then the oil can seep into the scalp. This oil is helping nourish your scalp as well as your hair. What does the nourishment mean? It prevents bacterial as well as fungal infections in the long term, it helps strengthen your hair, it helps your hair grow better but most importantly it keeps your hair thick for as long as possible.

if you’re serious about your hair’s health you got to start boiling your hair at least two to three times a week now that number might vary according to your genetics if you’re someone who has oily skin or oily hair then you might only be toilet once or twice a week also keep in mind if you turn over oiler if you boil it too much that also makes you prone to dandruff because it clogs all the pores in your hair and that can possibly lead to infections. so the rule of oiling is that heat it up a little bit let it just cool down make sure it’s warm and then start applying it on your hair also in this case I’ve mixed amla oil with coconut oil so that you get a little bit of mixed nourishment.

The other thing with oiling your hair is that ideally, you want to oil it and let the oil stay in your hair overnight at least 12 hours. It lets your hair, as well as your scalp, absorb all the oil but we’re living in 2017 and it’s not a very practical decision that’s why you know just maybe about one hour of oiling with this technique of heating of the oil works fantastic, if you don’t want to actually heat up your hair oil you can go for a hot oil just like coconut oil etc.You basically just pour it on to your hand rub it a little bit, it creates an exothermic reaction that means the oil releases its natural heat, apply it on your hair and once again is the same logic, it opens up the pores of your hair. Let’s the oil seep in and nourish your scalp.

So we’re doing this primarily for health reasons and the other thing when it comes to oil in your hair is that you want to massage your scalp. When you massage your scalp like in circular motion what’s happening is that the blood circulation is increasing towards your scalp whenever the blood circulation increases in a particular region it improves the recovery of that region. So all those dead skin cells get one off because of your fingers and new skin cells form because of all that added blood circulation.

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Tip-2  Dandruff Control

I’m gonna take you guys over the basics you need for a hair wash. In hot weather lot of the people suffer from dandruff that’s why the number one priority piece you need while you’re washing your hair is an anti-dandruff shampoo. You can go for any antidandruff shampoo or sever made they’re all very strong shampoos and that’s also why you can only use them once a week. A lot of bros make this mistake of overdoing it with anti-dandruff shampoos, they treat the anti-dandruff shampoo like the only shampoo they should be using but that actually spoils the quality of your hair.

If you want to care about the quality of your hair care turn towards what the ladies use. They use milder shampoos like L’Oreal. It is basically a smooth intense smoothening shampoo and also whenever you’re buying these ladies style shampoos , one thing you need you consider that these shampoos come with certain variables like so-and-so’s for silky hair, so those for unmanageable hair, so when you buying these that’s what you’ve gotta go looking out for you got to figure out a problem with your hair. What is the issue you’re facing with your hair? And then buy that shampoo accordingly. Use this about two to three times a week or mostly like every alternate day and then on Sundays or Mondays on days you’re not going out and you don’t really care how your hair looks, on those days go for a strong anti-dandruff shampoo.

Also speaking about dandruff make sure you get your pillowcases clean as a lot of growers don’t get rid of the dandruff issue because of the pillowcases. all that dandruff is collected you and at the end of the day it’s an infection it’s gonna continuously infect your scalp if you keep taking a scalp and rubbing it against the dandruff, if you’ve got unmanageable dandruff that’s not even going with these anti-dandruff shampoos wash your pillowcase, wash your bedsheet that’ll get rid of your problem so that’s that when you’re talking about shampoos you gotta understand these are water-based substances so you wash your hair as well as your scalp with it.

Tip- 3 The Conditioners

But next, very importantly we’re talking about an oil-based product of conditional this is also a very important part of our hair care routine and it should be a part of your hair care routine. Once again turn to the ladies. Why do people use conditionals? Now shampoos are for primarily washing up your scalp removing all the excess dirt, the excess oil. Now this is oil-based so obviously you can’t use too much of it I wouldn’t advise you to use it more than say twice a week especially if you have oily genetics like oily hair.

When the scalp is super oily so you won’t overdo it with this conditional but if you have something like dry hair, if you generally have dry skin this is a great option. Once again if you are going for a conditioner try going for a conditioner that pairs up well with your shampoo Lexi if it’s the same brand. L’Oreal is smooth intense smoothing shampoo, smooth being conditional its sister products. so that’s why even if you’re not going for Laurel if you’re going for another brand of a shampoo go for the sister pair conditioner of that particular shampoo that’s what you want to focus on.

Usually, these products work fantastic when you buy them in pairs, use this two to three times a week. Once again that’s the protocol we follow now your genetics might be slightly different from others so you’ll have to figure out your own system but mostly if you someone who deals with oily hair you’ll have to follow this protocol, if someone who deals with slightly dry your hair firstly go for different products and secondly use conditionals more often the rule with anti-dandruff shampoos is that you try keeping it minimum alright.

Tip-4  Combing for health

So when you got done with the shower and post-shower therapy is actually super simple just two main ingredients the hair serum and a comb and obviously. But more importantly let’s talk about these two ingredients if you’ve got unmanageable hair, do a comb is not a much use when it comes to shaping up your hair but what it does do is
that it also helps in massaging your hair a little bit so if you just stroke your hair along its natural direction of growth but also make sure that the comb makes contact with your scalp,you’re once again increasing the blood circulation towards your scalp.

Tip – 5  Serum for looks

But if you’re someone who chooses to use serum, you’re taking your post-shower treatment one notch higher. Now serum doesn’t really have too many health benefits like all the other factors but it’s more about the look of your head makes it look thicker glossy or shinier and it also to some extent protects your hair from excess humidity and excess do it by just forming a protective coating so we’ll just take a coin-sized portion rub it in your hands and apply it to the body of the hair not the scalp but the hair.

While it’s still slightly wet from the shower once it’s applied you can actually go and start combing your hair make sure the comb touches the scalp increasing the blood circulation if you like combing your hair if you like shaping it with your comb leave it as it is but if you’re like me and the comb really doesn’t help much then just shape it up with your hand . I feel that especially if you have rough hair combs might even make it look worse than you want it to look so just playing around with your hair using your hands will do the trick.

So keep practising it and take care of your hair.


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