5 Secrets to looking Awesome in T-shirt


5 Secrets to looking Awesome in T-shirt

Just by doing these 5 T-shirts secrets in your dressing, makes you looking absolutely sexy from average looking.

Every man’s beloved style piece – The T-shirt.It has been always found in your wardrobe.Paying careful attention to the style of your t-shirt is just as important as any other part of your wardrobe.

So here 5 Secrets to looking Awesome in T-shirt?

Tip number 1 – Maturity Scale


So what does the maturity scale means? You’ve to understand the t-shirt maturity scale. On this scale, we’ve got young on one side and mature on the other side. Ideally, you got a dress according to your age.

Now, what makes you look younger or older in t-shirts. It’s two primary factors firstly whether the t-shirt has got a pattern or whether it’s plain or the other factor is whether the t-shirt is bright and colorful or it’s dark or white in color.

Dark or white makes you look older.And bright and colorful with a lot of patterns makes you look younger.
And if you combine these two factors it leads to an average looking t-shirt. I mean that if you pair a dark t-shirt which has a pattern it doesn’t make you look old or young.

And similarly if you wear a plain t-shirt that’s bright in color once again it doesn’t really make you look old or younger but a bright colored t-shirt that has a lot of patterns going on in it, will make you look very young.
While a dark plain t-shirt will make you look a lot more mature. .

Tip number 2 – Logos


Logo on T-shirt automatically draws all your attention towards it because it creates a contrast in the viewers’ eyes.
Now logo might not be the biggest deal for you but it is a big deal for the kind of society we live in.
A lot of people judge you based on the clothes you’re wearing and even worse a lot of people judge you based on the brands that you’re wearing.
For this reason, avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on them but also avoid logos primarily because t-shirts just look good without any logo because simplicity is
always beautiful.

Tip number 3 – Fit


Here are some rules for the perfect fitting t-shirt:

Shoulders – The wrinkle of the t-shirt should fit perfectly on the corner of your shoulders.

Sleeves – Fitted across the palms and no longer extending to your elbow.If you have big arms, look for slightly shorter sleeves or give the sleeves a couple of folds to show off your body.

Length – Your top should be long enough for it to be tucked into your trousers, but not so long that it bunches at the waist. Ensure that it reaches out past your hip bone and covers the belt of your jeans.

Stomach – Your top should conform slightly to the curve of your body. If it is too loose, you won’t see the shape of your body and if it is too tight, every detail of your stomach will be visible.

Neck – When you raise your arms, there shouldn’t be a big gap around the neck. It should also not be so tight that you can’t move around easily.

So these are some teen tips, which teens may like.

Point number 4- Neck T-shirt


Neck T-shirt is the soul of any t-shirts.
Golden rules you got to keep when wearning T-shirt is that it must be tight, closer to the body of your neck and also very important you’ve got to keep the neck ring thin.
The thinner it is, the closer it is to your neck the better it looks.
Always avoid lose and a super thick t-shirt.

Point Number 5 – Choose The Right Color


You should own at least a few of the basics – white, black, gray and navy.

White – Supplements all skin tones. The classic white t-shirt should be part of your wardrobe. Remember to always wash your white clothes together. Don’t mix with other colors.

Gray – A mixture of different shades – gray virtually enhances your body shape. Watch out for sweat marks which are easily visible on dark colors.

Black – Another flexible color option, dark matches well with most outfit combinations. However, the colors tend to blur rapidly and can be somewhat severe during the day.

Navy – A superior decision than dark that is more reasonable during the day and extraordinary for making tonal looks when combined with jeans.

Other Colors – A t-shirt is probably the easiest way to experiment with colors. Greens, reds, purples, and blues are great for creating a pop of color under a cardigan or worn on their own.

Maintain your t-shirts with proper care while cleaning them. They won’t have the same impact if they look like their best days are well in the past.

So these are some Secrets to looking Awesome in T-shirt. Hope you like it.


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