Fastest way to lose weight | Free diet plan for Weight Loss


Fastest way to lose weight | Free diet plan for Weight Loss

Hello guys, Today is all about that super simple diet that you’re going to follow to achieve the beach body of your dreams i.e Fastest way to lose weight. We’re talking about the summer diet let’s go. Now before we start talking about this diet I want everyone to go and check out that article(Quick weight loss diet plan | weight loss tips for Men and Women), it’s basically on smart dieting and smart dieting is what you need if you’re a complete beginner to the fat loss process.So make sure you check it out.


Now before we start off on the written diet there are a few concepts you need to keep in mind which helps you to Fastest way to lose weight.

Concept 1 –  The concept is that sugar is your main enemy. Cut it out completely in this diet, especially we need to minimize sugar and desserts if you’re serious about losing weight.

Concept 2 – Concept number two is that the diet has to be fun for it to work. For this particular diet, you have to choose any two meals in the week, where you’re going to eat whatever you want except for desserts. Obviously so any savoury junk food is going to be your cheat meal for the week.

Concept 3 – Concept number three is “Hydration”. Now, this is a super high protein diet and high protein can definitely harm your body if you’re dehydrated. So make sure you’re hydrated the entire day. The whole day your urine should be clear except for about two three hours before bed time where it will be only light yellow and no shade darker than that.

Now let’s start with breakfast. The ideal breakfast has to have a portion of complex carbs and a portion of protein. Now one of the best options when it comes to complex carbohydrates is the “upma” which is made from “semolina” or “rava” which has a high protein content and is a super-clean carbohydrate.

If you don’t have access to steel cut oats, just boil them with a little bit of water and a little bit of salt but it doesn’t taste really great, Upma tastes awesome. Now coming to the protein you’ll have with these carbs the best option for protein is a protein shake with milk that’s always the best option if you don’t have access to a protein shake go for 4 or 5 egg whites have it in any form an omelette bhaji but the best option will always be just simple boiled egg whites now if you’re a vegetarian. I know this sounds crazy but try getting in just one small portion of paneer(curd) at breakfast it really helps you to weight loss.

Now coming to lunch time again the protocol is a portion of complex carbs and a portion of protein.So for complex carbs, the best option for lunch is whole-wheat chapatis, which again give you some amount of protein. If you have none of those three at home go for a portion of brown rice.

Now coming to the protein side of lunch so you really try having something dry like a dry chicken breast or some kebabs(chicken fry) or some grilled fish anything that super low in fat anything that’s mere in an oven basically and if you don’t have an oven at home cook, your protein on a nonstick pan with minimal oil that’s how you should be going for lunch and if you find lunch to dry don’t worry you can go for a bit of dal(pulse), just a bowl of dal(pulse) is good enough and finally the protocol for lunch is that you need to have some amount of fiber so choose any vegetable you want except potatoes peas or corn.

These three are super high in carbs so choose any other vegetable and go ahead with that but make sure you get a portion of fiber a portion of dal, a portion of protein and a portion of complex carbohydrates. Now coming the snack time on nasta as we call it in India. Now this isn’t necessarily after lunch this is meant for anytime throughout the day where you’re hungry, so this can be even late at night.

Now the protocol is that instead of having something unhealthy and packaged you carry some boiled egg whites around with you. I know it sounds weird but if you’re serious about losing weight this is what you have to do every time you’re feeling hungry in between meals try getting a little bit of extra protein inside your body.

If you’re a vegetarian instead of the boiled egg whites you can go for a portion of dal I know it’s really weird carrying dal around but if you’re serious about this diet that’s what you’ve got to do.

Coming to your pre-workout nutrition plan. For a minute let’s just break away from talking about the diet and let’s talk about the exercise aspect remember this program can be accelerated by two or three times if you combine the diet with exercise. If you want really rapid weight loss make sure you get exercise.But if you don’t have access to a gym, even minimum exercise like 20 minutes of walking a day will still accelerate your progress.

So when it comes to this diet just make sure you get some exercising even minimum exercise is better than no exercise. Coming back to the pre-workout nutrition plan so ideally, any pre-workout has to have a combination of protein and are before the workout and carbs about 45 minutes to 30 minutes before the workout.

For the protein go for a small portion of chicken fish or egg whites and for the carbs ideally go for steel-cut oats and if you’re a vegetarian skip the protein part and have a slightly bigger portion of upma(an Indian dish) so a large portion of which will just about fit in your hands is awesome for a pre-workout.

Now coming to your post-workout meal plan, now it’s at this time during the day where your body is actually capable of utilizing sugar for energy. So we’re going to try getting a sugar from a small portion of fruit so just keep a fruit with you after your workout and vary the fruit every day and ideally combine this with a protein shake and water and for anyone who works out in the morning you take your pre-workout meal as the first meal of your day and your post-workout should have your breakfast and a bit of fruit.This concept is more important for weight loss.


Finally coming to dinner time now this is very similar to lunch except that you won’t be having any carbs with dinner. Remember we’re trying to lose weight and ideally if you want to lose weight you need to start avoiding carbs after dark so for dinner again you’re going to go for a portion of protein that ideally should be grilled.So grilled chicken breast or grilled fish or low-fat protein like chicken breast fish or skim milk paneer is the way to go for dinner but combine this with some fiber again.

So again keep any vegetable except for potatoes peas and and we’re good to go and that was the summer weight loss diet but remember losing weight isn’t as simple as just following a diet you need to know the science of food.

So these are some tips which help you too Lose weight.

So keep exercising and be fit.


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