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20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster

There are no shortcuts to growing luscious, long hair. On average, hair grows about 1.2 centimetres per month. Your general health, well-being, and genetic factors affect your rate of hair growth.

You can encourage hair growth by maintaining healthy hair through a good diet and proper hair care.

According to the US edition of ELLE, these are some of the most effective tricks to make your hair grow faster.

1. Start with your scalp

best ways to get longer hair fasterIt is no secret that stronger hair starts with a healthy scalp. According to the study, daily massages on the scalp increase the thickness of the hair.

2. Postpone your haircut by-products

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterIt is a myth that you have to cut your hair every six or eight weeks. You can use a good shampoo and conditioner, in addition to masks and wait up to six months to cut it.

3. Sleep with silk covers

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterSleeping on a soft surface reduces nighttime friction, which means less hair lying on your bed and less chance of your hair breaking when brushed in the morning.

4. Avoid drying and exposing to heat on the same day

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster

Follow the rule of one, never dry your hair and expose it to irons or tongs the same day, this will prevent you from damaging it and drying it. Choose one or the other, excessive heat hinders hair growth.

5. Give your hair a break

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterDepending on your type of hair, the more you wash and comb your hair the more it will wear, so do it at a minimum, that does not mean you stop washing it but just give it a break.

6. Change your place pigtail

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterLow pigtails are ideal, while high and tight pigtails can pull and break hair.

7. Brush better

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterA natural bristle brush is worth the investment. Brushing your hair stimulates the circulation of blood in your scalp which will bring the necessary nutrients to your follicles, creating a healthier hair. In addition, it will distribute natural oils throughout your head, maintaining the necessary hydration of your hair and protecting it from other elements.

8. Lean on the dark

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterPainting your blonde hair will always put a risk on the integrity of your hair and predispose it to abuse and break. According to experts, it is better to have short, blonde hair and if you want to keep it dark long. Although you can always try extensions.

9. Rinse with vinegar

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster

It is well known that rinsing your hair with cold water is good, but doing it with apple cider vinegar will help you close the cuticle layer of the hair, resulting in a shiny mane.

10. Avoid extensions

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster

When growing your hair is your goal, the use of extensions is ideal for special occasions and short periods of time since that extra weight can pull your hair from the root. Those of clip is good because you can remove them when you arrive at your house.

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11. Massage the scalp with oils

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterThis trick may be the oldest, but it really works. Ideally, when you massage your hair, do it with some type of oil such as coconut, jojoba or olive oil. For best results, heat the oil to a moderate temperature and massage for 20 minutes. This will stimulate your scalp, relax you and make you achieve a beautiful hair like that of Shailene Woodley.

12. Cut once a month

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterAlthough it sounds nice, cut your hair once a month can be beneficial if you go with someone who knows how to do it. Not to mention that your hair will not grow badly treated because you gave it the right treatment. The period to do it is between 6 and 8 weeks to appreciate the results.

13. Eat well

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair Faster

If you want healthy, strong and long hair, you need to eat a lot of fish, eggs, nuts, chicken, vegetables, etc. Because eating well will really help your hair to grow and for health also.

14. Hydrate

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterThere is nothing like being well hydrated when it comes to eating well and taking care of your hair. Drinking water makes your hair much stronger without it breaking so much and staying long like that of Vanessa Hudgens.

15. Protein

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterProvide construction material to make your hair grow faster and stronger. The egg protein mask is ideal for your hair. You need to apply one or two yolks, depending on the length of your hair, with two tablespoons of olive oil; Let the mixture work for 15 minutes and remove it with warm water. If you have oily hair, use only the whites.

16. Shampoo

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterThere are several options of natural shampoos that will help you strengthen your hair so that it grows more quickly. Experts advise those made with chilli, onion. Remember to massage your scalp well when applying your shampoo.

17. Conditioner

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterDo not apply conditioner to the roots, as it will only lubricate your hair, cause it to fall and its growth will be slower. The conditioner always leaves a kind of residue in your hair, so you should choose the most appropriate and the least harmful to your hair.

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18. Cold rinse

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterRinse your hair with cold water, this will help prevent it from breaking. The cold water seals the hair cuticle and fixes the nutrients, ensuring good capillary health. Hot water, on the other hand, opens the cuticles, allowing enzymes beneficial to hair health to escape; In addition, it can significantly weaken the hair and cause it to fall.

19. Say goodbye to your cotton pillow

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterTownsend recommends changing to a pillow that is covered in satin cloth. This type of surface is softer and will not cause friction with your hair, so you will wake up with fewer tangles

20. Never wrap your hair in the towel

20 Best Ways to Get Longer Hair FasterHow bad could it be to wrap your hair in a towel after a bath? So bad that you should never do it again.

“Your hair is trapped in all the fibres of the towel, and most women wrap their hair in a super tight way, so all the strands are more likely to break.”

The tips we mention here can be used as a supplement to care for your hair. If you like this post, keep sharing.


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