8 Best Haircuts For Men 2018 | Attractive Men’s Hairstyles | Hair Styles

10 Best Haircuts For Men 2018

If you are going for a interview, where personality matters a lot.Then you have to ready in all department.

For ex- If you are giving your interview….

the men in front you who are taking your interview check some things…

Example –

Outfit… check
Posture… check.10 Best Haircuts For Men 2018
Opening line… check.
Hair… whoops.

It’s grungy, smelly, & doesn’t flatter your face.

Will that ruin your first impression?


So if you want best hairstyle for building up your personal and professional confidence,Check out these 10 Best Haircuts For Men.Also perfect Haircuts or Hairstyle makes you more attractive towards women.

10 Best Haircuts For Men 2018 | Attractive Men’s Hairstyles | Hair Style

1.The Fade

The origin of this fade cut hairstyle is not completely clear, some people say that it came from military haircuts.Nowadays this haircut is too much popular, that every one wants these type of haircuts.

So what do you think about fade? What makes these haircuts so popular? Answer is its versatility and adaptability.

This haircut combines short and long hairstyles that looks pretty from all angles. The back and sides are shaved while hair at the top is swept right, left or backwards. This cut is too easy too that you can easily style your hair with a little amount of gel.

One thing about fade is that it bring the ears to the foreground while the hair on top stays long. That’s a plus if you got nicely shaped ears.

fade haircut

2. The Quiff

The quiff, can be styled in many ways like the fade.It is one of the most attractive haircuts.

In quiff haircut, the sides are cut shorter while the front is so intense.It needs some wax or creams to style it.It can only look stylish when it maintenance properly.

quiff haircut

3. Pompadour  

Pompadour or the Bruno cut is close cousin of quiff.
The hair cut is swept high over your forehead.From the side view it’s shaped like a cone or a shark’s fin. You maintain its direction with a blow dryer and some wax or pomade.


David Beckham is known for his high-in-the-front pompadour that isn’t as big as how men wore it back in the day. He’s had this style for a while now, and by 2016, he’s only changed it up slightly.






4. The Buzz cut

Buzz cut also known as military cut.It is easy to maintain.It can’t take your too much time or money.

Buzz cut shows discipline.This simple close cut make the men most attractive  towards the women.Buzz cut shows simplicity.

When seeing this cut,many people thinks that you are going to join the military services but nowadays it is in the fashion.Everyone wants this buzz cut too look simple and attractive.

Buzz cut

5.The Professional cut

This a professional cut.Why I am saying this?In this cut you have a thick straight hair,which really looks awesome on everyone. Hair on either side is swept according to its natural direction.This cut is best mens hair style.

This style is too relevant.This haircut helps you to save your time because it can’t take your more time than others hair cut.

Leonardo DiCaprio, James Bond mostly used this type of haircut.And in this haircut he really looks awesome.It makes you look like a gentleman while still maintaining a masculine image.

The Professional Cut


6. The Bad Boy Cut 

The bad boy cut is the most popular cut in all of these cut.You can get this type of haircut by simply shake your hand on your hair and its done.

This hairstyle is popular in youth especially that is the only reason of named this cut the bad boy.

This hairstyle mainly got popular after Robert Pattinson’s signature look from the Twilight films.

The bad boy cut

7. Long Haircut

long hair cut

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When your hair is not longer than the average length of the hair  and not too short like the buzz cut, then it called Suedhead.

This hairstyle is for those people who are looking for a casual or boyish look.It’s like a playful take on the buzz cut, which is why more baby-faced stars like Justin BieberDave Franco and Nick Jonas have taken the liberty of modelling it for us.



Remember this every time when you’re at the barbershop: you’re paying for your haircut YOU WANT. So make sure your collaboration with your barber is good. Show them pictures. Point out which areas to trim off some more. Get their opinion or suggestions.

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