8 Easy Ways to Make Yourself more COOL

8 easy ways to make yourself more cool

We all want to be “cool”.

But not at the expense of being fake…right?

So how do you become the coolest guy in the room….

…while STILL being yourself?

So these are some Ways which makes you look cool.

1. Stand Up Straight

8 easy ways to make yourself more coolA strong presence makes you look cool. It only depends on you that how to stand up in front of others.

Because if you are in good straight position, it automatically looks cool in front of others and it is too important.

Some psychologist said that there are some position or body language, that shows you that you are are not so stubble. So always try to avoid this body position or language. And these are slumped, slack, making yourself look small.

Instead of these always focus on feeling tall and strong.Because this makes you look confident and cool in front of others. And feel like that you are cool.

2. Wear Stylish goggles

8 easy ways to make yourself more cool

Goggles! What to say about this.Goggles are one of the best accessories that makes you look cool and also helps your eye to protect from sun.

Try those goggles that suit on your face because some people wear any goggles, which not sets on him and make him look ugly. So when you are buying goggles, make sure that goggles suits and fits on your face.

3. Get Jeans That Fit Well

Again, the third necessary thing that you really need to be noticed for being cool is that “Jeans that Fit” on you.

8 easy ways to make yourself more coolAnd I am pretty sure that if you watch someone, whose jeans not fit on him. You say that “Look that ugly man”.So be pretty sure that you are wearing a fit and fine jeans.But many people don’t know “How to get a Well-fitted Jeans?”
So these are some factors you need to consider to look cool in jeans.

Waistline measurement
Inseam measurement
Fit style
Leg cut
So while purchasing jeans be sure to know all these factors.


8 easy ways to make yourself more cool

Some people think that clean-shaven is the best “look” for him but actually it is not.You need a little stubble on your face which makes you look cool than others in front of women/girls.

Women/girls that a man with heavy stubble—about 10 to 12 days’is more attractive than those with a lighter shadow, a full beard, or a completely clean-shaven face.
So you need a little bit of stubble on your face to look like a perfect, handsome and cool.


8 easy ways to make yourself more cool

Every man wants a very strong and lean body, which makes him look cool and awesome in front of women.Because study says that a man with lean body attracts women.
And this also a very important part of your life.So to get this type of body you need to work hard in the gym.
Start exercising every day and make sure you eat a good diet to achieve strong and lean body.

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6. Find a good suit, and wear It

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A study says that a “Good Suit” makes a man perfect. Suits really helps you to look awesome and cool.Its make you different from others.It makes you more confidence, which leads to more success, which leads to a more fulfilling life and many other things.And always try that suits that fits on you and which is comfortable for you.
Always try sober colors suits .Ex-brown, navy blue, light green and don’t forget “Black Suit” , which is really awesome on everyone.

7. Match your belt, shoes, and accessories

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Match your all outfits that you wearing, makes you a well trained guy that know “Which accessories, belts, or shoe suits perfectly on which outfits”. Because matching your clothes with your accessories makes you look different from others.For eg- If you wearing a suit or a formal outfit, the leather or suede of the belt should match in color.If wearing a casual suit or outfit, try a neutral leather, canvas, or mixed-material woven belt for a cool look without trying to be too “matchy-matchy.”

8. Upgrade your scent

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Women’s love that man, who uses an elegant scent. The scent will give you confidence and make you stand out more to women. There are a lot of fragrances to choose in the world. My suggestion is to find two that work and stick with them. Fragrances are typically priced based on concentration. You may also use a perfume that suits you or that you like.It increases your confident of looking cool.So make sure you must try.

So these are some “7 easy ways to make yourself more cool“. I think it really helps you to look cool.If you like this, please share. And thanks for landing this page.And if you have any query related to looking cool, you can comment. I will very thankful to answer your question.



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