How to lose 10kg Weight Fast

How to lose 10kg weight fast
How to lose 10kg weight fast

How to lose 10kg Weight Fast

Hey guys, today we are talking about “How to lose 10kg Weight Fast”. In today’s article, we learn how to get lean.

Normally not all persons are in the best shape of their life that why they still want a relatively fit body or shape.And this happens when you change your lifestyle.At one point in your life, you really want to be fit because sometimes our unhealthy or fat body depressed us. So follow these steps to lose your weight fast.

How to lose weight fast
How to lose weight fast

Leave Dessert

So there was a first baby step to lose your weight fast is to avoid dessert. I have a question for you.What is that one thing in your diet that you always avoid? What is that one thing you never puts your hands on? You know the one thing that’s absolutely not meant to be in your system as a human being, believe it or not. It’s Dessert.Any kind of dessert like western, Indian whatever it’s not meant to be inside your body.if you want to be fit.

Now I’m not saying that you need to cut it out completely but the way to go is minimization.This is why? Now the desert contains the three devil foods. The three most evil foods in my opinion when it comes to health.

i) Sugar

On top of every list of unhealthy food, in my opinion, is sugar. So as always to understand this better let’s break it down.Now sugar is the simplest form of a carbohydrate.Every carbohydrate has something called a GI or glycemic index. This glycemic index is a scale from zero to 100.Where 100 represents sugar or glucose in its purest form.

GI basically means how fast your body can break down that carbohydrate for energy. Sugars at a hundred because it’s broken down the fastest. When it’s broken down it releases so much energy that your body is confused. The body doesn’t know what to do with all that energy, so it ends up storing all that energy as fat for later use. That’s how sugar makes people fat immediately.

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Your brain develops an addiction towards sugar. Sugar works like any other drug. Every time you consuming it you’re getting a sugar rush. Your brain is getting a surge of energy that is enjoying. Now every time you consume sugar your brazzers signal to your tongue shit, this tastes so good give me some more of it I want all that energy again. That’s how people get addicted to eating sugar.

Now I don’t mean to sound harsh but anyone who’s got a sweet tooth is actually an addict in a way. Now I’m not saying that you’ve cut it out completely but it’s like alcohol or something you just minimize it and you’ll be fine.But you can’t have a sweet tooth, you can’t eat sweet things all the time, every day.

ii) Flour

But today’s article is about desserts and not just sugar. So what else goes into a dessert, so there’s a very small number of desserts in the whole world that don’t contain flour. Regular purpose of flour is also a high GI carbohydrate which doesn’t help you to lose weight but actually, flour is opposite of losing weight. So remember the GI scale I spoke about, what happens to sugar? how it gets stored is energy? A similar thing happens to flour, it’s such a high GI carbohydrate that your body ends up storing most of it as fat because it can’t utilize all that energy.

Also for about 100 grams of flour that’s about as much flour would fit in this small bowl, it’s about 365 calories. That’s an equivalent of 5 whole eggs in this small bowl, so flour is making you fat by the calories and the GI.

iii) Butter 

Now flour is the second devil of not losing weight but the third devil.The absolute cherry on top.No pun intended is fat. Is any form of fat that isn’t a single dessert in the world that doesn’t contain some form of fat. Fat is what makes food taste even more awesome, it’s not the carbohydrates of the sugar. Alone it’s the fat working with the carbohydrates that makes desserts like next-level food. So, guys, 800 grams of plus 365 calories,100 grams of butter is about 717 calories that’s almost double of flour.

As a fat and unhealthy kid when I went after my trainer and I asked him what’s the first thing, I should do to get fit. He told me to give up all forms of sweet. Now mind you I’m not one of those guys that doesn’t have a sweet tooth I enjoyed my gulab jamuns and my cakes but I was ready to make that sacrifice.

So for all of you were saying you know dude I can never give up sugar and I can never minimize it at least. You need to think about what’s more important to you. That one body that you’re given for your entire lifetime or that one dessert after dinner that’s gonna contributes to degrading that body.

Many persons asked me what is the first basic baby step in getting lean and my answer will always remain the same. If you want a lean healthy body in the long term you need to minimize desserts. If you can cut it out, even better but at least start with minimization. Taper it all and you will move on to a healthier life.

If you guys have any queries about fitness or diet feel free to comment me up.



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