How to Lose Weight Fast at Home

how to lose weight fast at home
how to lose weight fast at home

How to Lose Weight Fast at HomeFirst of all thanks for landing this article, if you are searching for how to lose weight fast at home then we must say you are on the right place. So without getting into query let’s directly jump into on our topic of how to lose weight fast at home.

How to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Before starting our countdown, note that all the below tips on lose weight fast at home here listed are given by Health Specialists.

So while back I came out with an article called how to lose weight fast the first baby step in that article I spoke about how quitting sugar is the first step towards a leaner body. Today’s article is a direct sequel to that article. I am going to be talking about what you can do in terms of diet after you quit sugar.

Now as a human being you derive nutrition from almost everything you eat including oil but I said almost, the only thing you derive zero nutrition from is simple table sugar that’s why the first step towards to lose weight fast at home and being healthier is quitting sugar completely.You don’t need it in your system, it’s not giving you anything but I talk about sugar in almost all my article and today we are not going to talk about sugar.

We’re going to talk about the next step on ways to lose weight fast at home. The worst thing for the human body in terms of fat loss after sugar is a simple carbohydrate.In my article on carbohydrate education, I talked about this in detail but for now, the only piece of information that you need about carbohydrates is the GI or glycemic index scale.Think of it as a carbohydrate rating system the higher the rating, the worse the carbohydrate and the higher the rating, the faster your body can break it down for energy.

So sugar at a 100 because your body breaks it down really fast. When it breaks it down it has so much energy that it can’t even use all of it. And that energy ends up being stored as fat, so as for carbohydrates you wanna stick to low rating or low GI carbohydrates. So anything that’s high on the GI scale counts as simple carbohydrates and these carbs actually the worst for you in terms of fat deposition.High GI level cannot help you to ‘lose weight fast at home’.

Humans primarily are surrounded by three simple carbohydrates.

i)  Number one is white rice found in almost every single house and every restaurant.

ii) At number two we have potatoes. You go to any part of especially in  India, guaranteed to find potatoes as a part of that cooking.

iii) At number three the worst of all are all processed food items eg. Flour.

Not only do these contain a simple carbohydrate flour but they also contain a bunch of preserved other things that are added in processing them. she will be getting fat through the simple carbohydrates and the dirty fats used in the manufacturing and you’ll be affecting your health badly because of all the preservatives that are added to processed things.

So if you’re trying to fast ways to lose weight at home after sugar that’s the next thing you need to avoid anything that’s come out of a packet, so that includes biscuits, chips and even those noodles that we make at home.You’re getting a bunch of unhealthy things including sugar obviously, you’re getting a bit of Ajinomoto, you’re getting a lot of salt which is actually really harmful for your body and finally I don’t even need to say this but you’re going to be getting a lot of unhealthy carbs and unhealthy fats. So that’s that for processed food you want to be avoiding it like the devil. It’s completely bad for you and your body doesn’t need it.

But coming to white rice and potatoes you can actually afford to have them at some time during the day. Especially after the workout that’s a really good time or even for breakfast might work but an even better option would be the substitute white rice with the low GI brown rice and it’s substitute this simple potato with the low GI sweet potato.

The biggest difference between low GI carbs and the high GI counterparts is that low GI has a lot of added fiber, well that’s why it takes time for your body to break it down that’s why there’s a slow release of energy and if you don’t want to get fat you want to get all your energy through slow releases of energy, not through the extreme bursts of energy you’re getting from sugar and through high GI carbohydrates which don’t help you to lose weight fast at home.

Traditionally for the most people used to have very healthy habits when it comes to carbohydrates. Some people only ate unpolished brown rice and brown rice products and some of them primarily ate wheat-based chapatis. With the 20th and 21st century, all over the world people slowly moved to really an unhealthy form of dieting which doesn’t help the people to lose weight fast at home.

To conclude this is what I want to tell you guys if you guys rely primarily on slow energy releasing low GI carbohydrates you’ll be lean throughout the year.The key to “How to Lose Weight Fast at Home” is obviously giving up sugar I don’t need to talk more about that but the next step is to embrace low-GI carbohydrates. I guarantee you if you just embrace this lifestyle of low-gi carbohydrates all that stubborn belly fat and that stubborn bomb fat will vanish and you’ll be left with a superstar lean body.

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