Quick weight loss diet plan | weight loss tips for Men and Women


Quick weight loss diet plan | weight loss tips for Men and Women

 Hello, guys today we are talking about Smart Dieting – How to diet and lose weight fast for MEN & WOMEN.

There are two ways to weight loss, the first is the scientific way that works around the numbers that work on the Macro counts and the calorie counts and the second way, if you’re a beginner is the more practical way in my opinion and this is called correct dieting mentality and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

Now when it comes to correct dieting mentality.There are two aspects to it in my opinion, the first aspect is what I call “The chip” way mentality and the second aspect is what I call “Macro vision“.

Now let’s talk about the first aspect The-chip-away mentality first. So basically it just involves shifting away from a bad part of your diet one step at a time. If you are fat and you are trying to lose weight. I’m sure you guys are doing some wrong things in your diet that even you’re aware of. I’m sure that you know that you’re probably eating a lot of desserts or a lot of rice and what’s more important is that you know that you need to cut those out.

So I  am not telling you to cut all of them together, you can’t expect to start a drastic diet and just lose weight through that diet.Human brains don’t work like that.Human brains work by tapering themselves in two systems and this system is one of the best in my opinion if you’re trying to lose weight.

So if you are really want to lose weight in just 4 weeks, the best weight loss methods are to fully cut out sugar.Sugar is the biggest enemy of yours if you are trying to lose weight.Now the key point to be noted here is that you can’t completely cut it out. You have to taper it out slowly.

So the method to taper it out is that initially, you should look at instead of consuming sugar every day try consuming it every alternate day. Once that’s comfortable you try consuming it once in three days and then make it once in a week and eventually just cut it out.

Even after desserts and sugar, there are some of the most unhealthy foods which can’t help you out from trying to weight loss. There’s a long list of foods that are actually really bad for you.

Now let’s talk about the second aspect of correct dieting mentality “Macro vision”.

Now I know it sounds like a superpower but trusts me if you use it right, it’s as good as having a superpower. Now if you see anyone who’s gymming, anyone who’s been into fitness for a while, they’ll never look at food as food. Looking at food as food is one of the most common mistakes that unhealthy people make.

When unhealthy people order a plate of nachos all they see is nachos. They see all that lovely cheese, sauce and those chips.

If you ask Gym trainer, what they see when they order a plate of nachos. It’s always carbs from the chips and fat from the cheese and trace protein. Whenever gym or fitness professionals or even just fitness conscious people look at the food they’re not looking at food as just food. They’re breaking it down into three macros carbs, fat, protein.

So they look at food and they go okay how much protein am I getting from this, how much carbs am I getting from this, how much fat am I getting from this and accordingly they calculate their macros for the day.

If you’re a complete beginner in fitness, a great way to start is just by having protein as the centre of your meals. It should start with skim milk (curd) or it should be centred around the chicken breast or some egg whites or some lean source of protein. You can accompany that with a few complex carbs that are also super important and ideally if you are trying to lose weight.

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Okay so let me explain this with an example. So suppose it’s your friend’s birthday and they offer you cake so you end up having that cake and so really but keep in mind it’s got really high-fat macros and really high carb macros. Remember everyone’s got macro limits and you’re allowed to only have X amount of carbs or Y amount of fat and that cake is actually filling up those macro limits quite a bit which is not perfect for your weight loss diet.

So you want to make up for having that cake a little, so for the rest of the day you’re going to avoid your calves and your fat and just concentrate on your protein macros. This is basic macro knowledge. If you want to take it even for those see suppose you had three slices of cake instead of just one and you’ve gone way above your fat and carb macros for that particular day you can make up for it by not having carbs and fats the next day.

Remember you only put on weight when your average weekly calorie and macro over a certain amount. So you have seven days in the week if Monday’s been a bad dieting day, so for Tuesday and Wednesday make sure you eat clean to make up for Monday diet. This is the basic benefit of having a correct macro vision you can manipulate a diet and still stay at the same weight or even better. If you do this for a prolonged time you keep reducing your carbs and fats macros and just concentrate on your protein you’ll end up losing weight.

So I wish these Quick weight loss diet plan helps you to cut out your fat.


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